Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I don't do this kind of post often enough, but I have some spare time, so here are some random thoughts about my BlogPoll ballot.

I did get one e-mail from a reader who thinks I'm nuts putting Wisconsin as low as I have them. I'll justify that and other things that haven't been asked.
  • USC in the top spot is kind of a "duh" at this point. I think the only voter resistance here is due to bias. There's just no way you can justify not ranking a team that beat Virginia and Ohio State by a combined 87-10 in that top position. Oklahoma looks really, really good, but I'm not convinced they're as good as USC, as their competition so far just doesn't justify the argument.
  • That said, OU did their job in Seattle Saturday. USC went up there last year and struggled against a Washington team that's inferior to this year's outfit. OU kicked the living crap out of them from the opening kickoff on. Certainly a good sign for the Sooner Schooner.
  • I rank Florida ahead of Georgia mainly on a hunch at this point. I think UGA's probably more talented, but they've suffered a couple key injuries, and they looked generally lifeless in their conference opener against South Carolina. Florida has flaws, too (mainly on the offensive line), but I give them a slight nod at this point.
  • As much as I like Missouri, I want to see them prove it. And not while allowing 42 points to Illinois.
  • You'll notice almost half the SEC in my top 11. That needs to not be taken the wrong way. The conference is really good, but my big problem is that I'm just not sure which teams are good and which aren't.
  • BYU is legit. I think. After all, I did watch UCLA beat a decent Tennessee team, and I can't believe BYU beat that team 59-0 without scoring a point in the fourth quarter.
  • I think Penn State might be a significant threat to Ohio State's Big Ten title.
  • I don't think Wisconsin is. With all due respect to their win at Fresno State, this might be the worst top-ten team in the history of the major polls. They're just not very good on defense, with too much of a penchant for missed tackles, bad angles to ball-carriers, and blown assignments. Fresno couldn't take advantage because of an inaccurate kicker and some key drops. Teams like Penn State, Ohio State, and even Michigan State won't make those mistakes as much once we're in the teeth of the Big Ten season. Hopefully, Wisconsin improves, because they'll have to if they want to get to a major bowl.
  • I have no clue what to do with East Carolina.
  • Or Utah. For that matter, spots 20-25 were pretty much drawn out of a hat. Teams like Vanderbilt, Connecticut, and Northwestern are off to great starts, but against somewhat questionable (or downright bad) schedules. However, I feel better sticking them in there than I do a team like Clemson, who I've already seen absolutely tank in a big-game atmosphere.

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