Thursday, September 04, 2008


We got through the first week, and there were no major hiccups.

Unless you're Clemson.

Or Virginia Tech. Oops.

Or the Big East and ACC. Ouch.

This was a great weekend for non-BCS teams. Fresno State, Utah, and East Carolina all impressed, and none of them played on their home field.

ECU has another chance this weekend, and let's not forget about teams like Southern Mississippi, Houston, and Central Florida, all of whom have great chances to slay the dragon this weekend. None of them may end up being successful, but they don't have to look far for reason to believe.

As for the picks, it wasn't a bad first week. It would have been better if I hadn't been a complete idiot and bought into Clemson.

Last week: 19-4
Season: 19-4

Because of 12-hour work days and other things, we're going to be short and sweet with picks this week. The best games of the day, in your humble correspondent's opinion, are as follows:

Cincinnati at Oklahoma (ABC)
Mississippi at Wake Forest (ABC)
West Virginia at East Carolina (ESPNHD, 206)
Houston at Oklahoma State

Not much, right?

Well, something will happen to make a game I didn't list into a very entertaining affair.

Here we go. Games listed in chronological order. Home team in CAPS.

WISCONSIN over Marshall
ILLINOIS over Eastern Illinois
OHIO STATE over Ohio
IOWA over Florida International
PURDUE over Northern Colorado
MICHIGAN STATE over Eastern Michigan
MICHIGAN over Miami (Ohio)
Brigham Young over WASHINGTON
OKLAHOMA over Cincinnati
WAKE FOREST over Mississippi
PENN STATE over Oregon State
West Virginia over EAST CAROLINA
INDIANA over Murray State
Northwestern over DUKE
BOWLING GREEN over Minnesota
FLORIDA over Miami (Florida)

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