Monday, August 04, 2008


Unfortunately, this is very real. We'll know more tonight, but it appears that we have a Hall of Famer back on the Packers.

I have no issues with the man changing his mind. I have major issues with the man turning a very important training camp into one of these...

Ack. Good luck, Aaron. You got one Packer fan in your corner.

Of course, I'm human. In the end, I want this team to win. That's the bottom line. If the coaching staff eventually determines Favre is the guy to do that, then count me in.

However, I want the coaching staff to determine that. Not some empty-headed suit at ESPN (I'm looking at you, "everyone at ESPN").

(ESPN should be ashamed of themselves. Two years ago, many of these same people were chastising Favre for holding the Packers hostage when he was washed up and should have retired. Flip-flopping is bad. Just ask John McCain. He'll tell you all about it.)

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