Friday, October 14, 2005

College football - Week Seven preview

Sorry about the lateness. But what do you care? You shouldn't be placing bets based on my game predictions, anyway. Well, unless you want to lose money.

Viewing plans this week
Believe it or not, I actually have viewing plans this week. I know. It's shocking. Someone who writes about college football and votes in a national poll is actually going to watch games. That would disqualify me from voting in the Harris poll, I guess. But the BlogPoll still loves me, and that's all that matters in the big picture.

Anyway, UMD is at home (to take on North Dakota, the best Division II football team around). And I don't have a hockey game to worry about. So I'll be home in time to catch at least the fourth quarter of the 2:30 CT games.

--> UTEP at Tulane
--> Wisconsin at Minnesota (taping)
--> USC at Notre Dame
--> Penn State at Michigan
--> Florida at LSU
--> Florida State at Virginia
--> Georgia at Vanderbilt
--> Oklahoma "at" Kansas

The picks
Last week: 5-7
Season: 63-27

Saturday, October 15
Wisconsin at Minnesota--> Had the Badgers actually played defense a week ago, I'd think differently about this game. But I think last week was a wakeup call for some young guys along the Badgers' defense who thought a bit too highly of themselves after five games. That, along with the fact that Laurence Maroney, unlike Tyrell Sutton, is a known product, means I expect Bielema to have his defense ready to play, and the Badgers will keep the Axe.
The pick: Wisconsin

Indiana at Iowa--> I really like how Terry Hoeppner has energized the IU program. However, I don't like his chances going on the road to play a real team. And despite their early-season problems, Iowa certainly qualifies as a "real team". They are coming off a big win last week, and they'll build off that momentum.
The pick: Iowa

Michigan State at Ohio State--> One team has a great defense. One team doesn't. Usually, the great defense will win. But the difference between these two teams at the quarterback position is unbelieveable. I don't know how tOSU can slow Drew Stanton down enough to win this game, given tOSU's woeful offense.
The pick: Michigan State

Northwestern at Purdue--> Tyrell Sutton, meet an angry home team that is tired of being labeled a disappointment. The Boilers, once thought of as a Big Ten title contender, are 2-3. No way they drop to 2-4 at home.
The pick: Purdue

Penn State at Michigan--> It's not surprising that one team is 6-0 and ranked eighth, while the other is 3-3 with two conference losses and is unranked in the national polls. What's surprising is that the unbeaten team is Penn State. I have seen the Nittany Lions play, and while they have a great defense and a solid running game, I don't think they will beat Michigan in the Big House with Michael Robinson at quarterback. I won't complain, however, if PSU wins. A year of Michigan sucking is good for everyone, especially Michigan fans.
The pick: Michigan

USC at Notre Dame--> I just don't have the guts. If Notre Dame wins this game, I will kick myself. Hard.
The pick: USC

Florida at LSU--> The Gators need a win here. So does LSU. The Tigers gagged badly in their last big game at home. Florida didn't look good last week, even though they won handily. Neither did LSU. This is a tough game, because it comes down to whose quarterback screws up less. I guess I'll stick with my old theory on a game like that and take the home team, though I really don't have a strong feeling either way.
The pick: LSU

Colorado at Texas--> If Joel Klatt plays well, CU has a shot to catch Texas napping. The Buffaloes have been a pleasant surprise so far, and it looks like they might be the only reasonably competent football team in the Big 12 North. But it's hard to envision them winning in Austin, given the fact that Texas has finally kicked the monkey off their back by beating Oklahoma. The Longhorns might trip up, but it won't happen this week.
The pick: Texas

Florida State at Virginia--> It's a good road test for a young offense, but Virginia hasn't looked strong as of late. The Cavaliers won't score nearly enough points to keep their defense in the game, and Drew Weatherford will continue his improvement as FSU's signal-caller.
The pick: Florida State

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