Tuesday, October 04, 2005

BlogPoll: Week Six

Dropped out
17 Iowa State--> Robbed or not, a loss is a loss. And Nebraska wasn't exactly looking sharp in the weeks leading up to this matchup. Bad conference opening loss for ISU.

20 Purdue--> Last week: "Couldn't stop the run. Tiller had better hope no one sees the tape." Well, it appears that Charlie Weis saw the tape. That was a beatdown.

22 Toledo--> Ouch. I know Gradkowski was hurt (again), but Toledo looked horrible in pretty much every facet of the game at Fresno last Tuesday.

The new Top 25
1. Southern Cal (1 last week). For next week's trick, USC will fall behind 42-0 entering the fourth quarter.
2. Texas (2). Wow. I thought it would be close in Missouri.
3. Virginia Tech (3). I didn't think this would be very close, and I was right.
4. Georgia (5). Bye. Moved up because Florida failed to score a touchdown. And Florida actually played a game.
5. Ohio State (6). I'm still not sold. Probably won't be until the Michigan game, but I am stubborn and still think tOSU will lose once before they go to Ann Arbor.
6. Florida State (7). Serious threat to move up now that Weatherford seems to have found himself. The defense is frighteningly good.
7. Alabama (16). See Florida State, only replace "Weatherford seems to have found himself" with "Croyle seems to be healthy".
8. Tennessee (8). Finally started Clausen. Too bad Ainge had to throw away one game (Florida) and half of another (LSU) before Fulmer figured this out.
9. Miami (9). I don't think they're as good as Virginia Tech, but they're improving and will be a threat in the conference.
10. LSU (10). Good rebound from the UT loss, even though it was against a bad team.
11. Notre Dame (12). I think I have this team right around where they belong for now. The USC game will be interesting.
12. Cal (15). Haven't played anybody yet.
13. Florida (4). Blown out at 'Bama, which proves that Meyer's offense is not without fault when you pit it against more athletic defenses. This might qualify as jumping the gun, however.
14. Wisconsin (21). Won big, just as they were supposed to. The game at Northwestern will be tougher than many people think. Bucky has had some serious struggles there.
15. Michigan State (11). Got punished by the football gods for running it up on Illinois, as MSU found a way to lose a very winnable game against Michigan.
16. Arizona State (14). Even though they blew a big lead, there really isn't anything wrong with losing a close game to USC.
17. Texas A&M (18). The true tests are yet to come.
18. Oregon (19). Won, but didn't look particularly strong.
19. Auburn (NR). I had to list 25 teams.
20. Penn State (NR). Michael Robinson was 13-32 passing against the Gophers. Let's not kid ourselves about this team. 7-4 would still be an achievement.
21. Michigan (24). Impressive rebound after the tough loss in Madison. The Gophers will test the Wolverines' interior defense, but we all know the history between these two teams.
22. Minnesota (13). Apparently, they're not for real.
23. UCLA (23). Had trouble beating a bad Washington team.
24. Texas Tech (NR). And you thought Cal hadn't played anyone yet.
25. Louisville (25). Holding their ground in the poll. Barely.

The Watch List
Boston College
Fresno State
Iowa State

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