Tuesday, October 04, 2005

College football - Week Five review

Full disclosure
In a performance that was even worse than last week, I think my wife watched more college football this weekend than I did.

--> Air Force at Colorado State
--> Pittsburgh at Rutgers

UMD Travel Note
When you go to Mankato, make sure to call what is now known as Minnesota State-Mankato "Mankato State". Do it repeatedly.

Thank you.


Not much to talk about here, as I didn't see much. With home games the next two weeks, enjoy this while it lasts.

Pittsburgh at Rutgers--> Has Dave Wannstedt been fired yet? Horrifying first-half performance from a team that had to know what was on the line.

Michigan at Michigan State--> Good for Michigan. I was surprised that Hart ran as well as he did, but in the end, I wasn't surprised to see Michigan State making enough mistakes to keep Michigan in the game. That's a trademark of Sparty. They tend to do that a couple times per season, and it's why they're not a legitimate title contender.

Minnesota at Penn State--> Speaking of teams that do the same thing every year, how about the Gophers? Start hot. Play a good team. Get whacked. Go in the crapper. We'll see if the Gophers rebound or if they fall off the planet as usual now that they've been exposed.

Florida at Alabama--> Damn. Maybe 'Bama's for real. We'll find out, as their schedule isn't exactly easy. Meanwhile, Florida really needs to regroup in a hurry. They still have a chance to get to the SEC title game if they can put it behind them.

USC at Arizona State--> I'm starting to think they'll never lose. Ever.

Middle Tennessee at Vanderbilt--> What?

Notre Dame at Purdue--> I don't think I could have predicted such a decisive victory, but I am not at all surprised that the Irish found a way to beat Purdue. The Boilers are severely overrated, and their defense was exposed for all to see in Minnesota.

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