Wednesday, October 12, 2005

BlogPoll: Week Seven

Full disclosure
**Crickets chirping**

I saw parts of Nebraska-Texas Tech, Iowa-Purdue, and Cal-UCLA. That's about it.

Dropped out
14 Wisconsin--> Next time, make sure the defense takes the field in the second half. I know Northwestern has a good offense, but allowing them to score on seven straight possessions rates as somewhat unacceptable.

16 Arizona State--> Big game loss to USC leads to a big home letdown against a beatable Oregon team.

17 Texas A&M--> Ugh. I guess I was wrong about this team.

21 Michigan--> It had to suck to watch the Gophers storm your sideline for that Jug.

The new Top 25
1. Southern Cal (1 last week). It won't be easy in South Bend like it was last time.
2. Texas (2). The monkey has been cleared. Now Mack can't let this team stumble.
3. Virginia Tech (3). Probably tighter, at least early, than it should have been against Marshall.
4. Georgia (4). Damn.
5. Florida State (6). I get the feeling that the 'Noles haven't put it all together yet.
6. Alabama (7). Well-deserved week off.
7. Miami (9). Well-deserved week off. Oh, wait.
8. Penn State (20). Imagine if they had a QB.
9. LSU (11). Made the win look more impressive with a 22-point fourth quarter to put Vandy away.
10. Notre Dame (11). They have a good chance to shock USC. Trust me.
11. Florida (13). Shaky effort, but a blowout win in the end.
12. Ohio State (5). Imagine if they had a QB like Michael Robinson.
13. Michigan State (15). Avoided getting Drew Stanton hurt during bye week.
14. UCLA (23). Great comeback win over Cal.
15. Minnesota (22). GIMME BACK MY JUG!
16. Tennessee (8). Next time, try showing up for that big game at home.
17. Oregon (18). Big, gutsy road win at ASU.
18. Boston College (NR). Dominated Virginia, despite well-publicized and utterly ridiculous cheap shot
19. Auburn (19). Did anyone play last week?
20. Cal (12). Blew double-digit lead and saw regular-season winning streak end.
21. Texas Tech (24). I don't care. They still haven't played anyone.
22. Louisville (25). Huge win over what had looked to be a decent UNC team.
23. Texas Christian (NR). Road win against Wyoming vaults Horned Frogs back in the poll.
24. West Virginia (NR). Do you have any better ideas?
25. Colorado (NR). Do you have any better ideas?

The Watch List
Fresno State
Texas A&M

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