Tuesday, September 06, 2005

BlogPoll: Week Two

Lotsa changes for the second ballot. Here goes...

Dropped out
13 Oklahoma--> As I said...overrated. What I didn't know was that I had overrated them, too.
16 Auburn--> Tommy needs to fix the offense. Soon.
18 Pittsburgh--> Wannstedt's team looked completely overmatched against Notre Dame.
19 Boise State--> Speaking of looking completely overmatched...
20 Bowling Green--> Feel free to tackle a running back.
25 Alabama-Birmingham--> They won't be out for long. Looked good against Tennessee.

The new Top 25 ballot
1. Southern Cal (1 last week). I don't care how many yards Hawai'i got. USC scored 63 points and won by a ton on the road. Works for me.
2. Michigan (2). This week is the real test in non-conference play.
3. Texas (4). Good start, but we'll see how they look this week against a real defense.
4. Iowa (6). The collision course with the Big Ten schedule begins if they win at ISU this week.
5. Florida (8). I know it's only Wyoming, but the offense looked good, even though Chris Leak can't run that well.
6. Virginia Tech (3). Vick was shaky at times, but Tech got a quality road win against a much-improved NC State team.
7. Georgia (15). May have been the most impressive performance of the weekend by a favored team.
8. Ohio State (14). Shocked me with offensive flow. Now that must carry over to the Texas game.
9. LSU (12). It's hard to root against these guys right now, especially since their home opener has been postponed, and then turned into a road game.
10. Tennessee (10). Didn't overwhelm, but beat a pretty good team. We'll hold them in place.
11. Louisville (9). Unimpressive performance against Kentucky, but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt because it was a huge rivalry game.
12. Notre Dame (NR). Most impressive performance of the weekend by an independent. Whacking a ranked team on the road should gain Weis' team some respect
13. Florida State (11). Looked horrible, but at least they didn't lose...
14. Miami (5). Looked horrible, and lost.
15. Oregon (17). Won on the road against a gimmicky offense. Clemens looked very good.
16. Texas A&M (7). Try to read that two-point conversion chart next time. Fran picked a terrible time to go off the chart.
17. Arizona State (23). Were supposed to slaughter Temple. Slaughtered Temple.
18. Purdue (21). Idle. Moved up because of default.
19. Boston College (NR). Solid win in a tough stadium. We'll see if they can fix the offensive line.
20. North Carolina State (NR). They'll make some noise this year. Good performance in a losing effort against V-Tech.
21. Minnesota (NR). Into the poll this week thanks to Laurence Maroney, who made the first serious H*i*m*n bid on Thursday with 200+ and two scores.
22. Iowa State (22). Idle. Kept in place because I'm not sold on them enough to move up.
23. Toledo (24). Might as well have been idle. Only moved up one as punishment for scheduling a I-AA team, making further evaluation impossible.
24. Georgia Tech (NR). Ball looked sharp at Auburn. Maybe a good sign for Tech fans. Miami and Virginia performances over the weekend were also good signs.
25. TCU (NR). You beat a top ten team in their place, and you deserve some love.

Teams I couldn't evaluate fairly for possible movement, either because they didn't play or because they played a I-AA or bad I-A team:
Fresno State
Texas Tech

Other teams that received consideration
Boise State
Michigan State

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