Wednesday, September 28, 2005

BlogPoll: Week Five

Dropped out
13 Iowa--> Couldn't cut it at the Horseshoe. With that running game and a very shaky Tate, Iowa suddenly looks very average.

22 North Carolina State--> Lost to in-state rival UNC at home. Trestman's offense looks like it will be okay, but we'll need to see more consistency.

24 Georgia Tech--> Ouch. 51-7? I know GT's got a good team, but the body of work is simply not impressive enough now.

The new Top 25 ballot
1. Southern Cal (1 last week). I'd hate to see what the score against Oregon had been if USC came out playing well instead of falling behind 13-0.
2. Texas (2). Idle. Still second-best until they lose to Oklahoma proven otherwise.
3. Virginia Tech (5). Putting a 44-point beatdown on Georgia Tech is going to turn a few heads. Looks like it's starting to come together in Blacksburg.
4. Florida (4). Statement game (potentially) this week against Alabama.
5. Georgia (6). Not a quality road win, but still a road win in conference.
6. Ohio State (9). And to think I was stupid enough to pick Iowa second in the league.
7. Florida State (10). Moved up because no one else deserved to be this high. Might be the Notre Dame "I moved them up too far by default" Team of the Week.
8. Tennessee (11). Won at LSU because the Tigers didn't want to win. Apparently Phil found someone in the league he can outcoach.
9. Miami (14). Defense looks really good. Offense? Well, we won't nitpick. The defense looks really good.
10. LSU (3). OK, boys. The fourth quarter is underway. Boys? Are you there? Hello?
11. Michigan State (NR). Ran up the score against Illinois. Wouldn't it be funny if they lost to Michigan as a result?
12. Notre Dame (15). Classy move by Weis calling that play for the sick young child who he met with last week. It's doubly classy considering that the boy died before he could watch his beloved Irish run that play.
13. Minnesota (21). Are they for real?
14. Arizona State (20). Sam Keller vs Matt Leinart. Maybe it will be a better matchup than Andrew Walter vs Leinart last year.
15. Cal (19). Does Jeff Tedford recruit robots?
16. Alabama (NR). Impressive start, but could fall right back out of the rankings this week as they take on Florida.
17. Iowa State (12). Not good against Army, but good enough for a W.
18. Texas A&M (18). Just take the week off next time.
19. Oregon (16). Blown out by USC. I guess that's not a crime.
20. Purdue (17). Couldn't stop the run. Tiller had better hope no one sees the tape.
21. Wisconsin (NR). Defied even my own expectations. I'll reward that.
22. Toledo (23). Only because I submitted the ballot before the Fresno game. My mistake. They'll be gone next week...I promise.
23. UCLA (25). Idle.
24. Michigan (7). Even if Henne hadn't fallen down, he probably would have thrown the pass at someone's feet.
25. Louisville (8). That was completely unexpected. 45-14 at South Florida? How is that the same team that obliterated Oregon State?

The Watch List
Boston College
Fresno State
Penn State
Texas Tech

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