Tuesday, September 20, 2005

BlogPoll: Week Four

Dropped out
19 Boston College--> Thoroughly disappointing performance against Florida State. The players didn't give their best performance, and the coaching was spotty. It might be harsh to drop them all the way out, but they can easily earn their way back.

The new Top 25 ballot
1. Southern Cal (1 last week). Damn.
2. Texas (2). It was only Rice, but it was certainly impressive.
3. LSU (3). Idle. Biggie this week, as they play their first game in Baton Rouge...and it's against Tennessee.
4. Florida (4). Got it done against Tennessee, but Urban clearly has some work to do with his offense. Defense is scary good.
5. Virginia Tech (5). Did what Pitt couldn't do: Beat Ohio. Yeah, I'm not overwhelmed, either.
6. Georgia (6). Louisiana-Monroe? Meh. Shockley looked good, but you have to question the opposition.
7. Michigan (8). Got well against Eastern Michigan. Now they have to play that dreaded first road game...and it's a night game in Madison.
8. Louisville (10). Great performance on national TV against Oregon State. Brohm definitely looked like he'll be a star.
9. Ohio State (11). Gave up a TD on the first play from scrimmage and still won handily. I'm skeptical about this team, and their conference opener is a doozy (Iowa).
10. Florida State (13). Drew Weatherford looked like he grew up a lot against Boston College. He played pretty well, and FSU found a way to win a really tough road game.
11. Tennessee (9). Why did Gerald Riggs only get 17 carries? Must rebound this week, and it's a roadie at what should be an emotional Baton Rouge.
12. Iowa State (12). Idle last week. It won't be easy at Army, but Iowa State should be able to hold serve heading into Big 12 play.
13. Iowa (14). We'll see if this team can cut it this week at the Horseshoe.
14. Miami (15). Big win at Clemson. The Hurricanes blew a ten-point lead in the fourth, but pulled it out in overtime. Their young QB, Kyle Wright, looked solid for much of the game.
15. Notre Dame (7). When I said last week that I was hesitant to move them up to seventh, this was why. The defense looked completely overmatched.
16. Oregon (16). Ducks hold serve with a nice come-from-behind home win over Fresno State.
17. Purdue (18). Boilers get tested by H*i*m*n candidate Laurence Maroney and the Gophers this week. That run defense should hold up nicely.
18. Texas A&M (17). They did what TCU didn't (beat SMU), and they did it in overwhelming fashion, but other teams had more impressive performances against better competition. Therefore, the Aggies drop a spot.
19. California (25). OK. I'm a believer.
20. Arizona State (20). Seriously, just a little bit of defense. OK?
21. Minnesota (21). When a game against Tulsa appears to be the best game to use to evaluate your team, your team hasn't played anyone.
22. North Carolina State (22). Unlike Stanford, NC State actually beat their I-AA opponent this week. Congrats.
23. Toledo (23). They only scored 42 against Temple. Is something wrong here?
24. Georgia Tech (24). An otherwise unimpressive win over UConn was made more impressive by the fact that they did it without QB Reggie Ball.
25. UCLA (25). Beat Oklahoma, which isn't the accomplishment it used to be. However, we'll move them up into the poll this week.

The Watch List
Boston College
Michigan State
Texas Tech


Newspaper Hack said...

Oh, COME ON. NC State, A&M and Toledo are all better than Alabama? I guess Toledo could hang 23 on Carolina?

Hugh said...

When Penn State Routes Nwestern this weekend, they better at least be on the watch list.