Friday, October 07, 2011

Game 1: Notre Dame at UMD

The lid lifts on the (real) college hockey season on this gorgeous Friday in Duluth.

Can't we put the kids on rollerblades, open the roof, and play outdoors?

(On second thought, it looks like rain. Let's just keep it the way it is.)

(Some thoughts for the new UMD arena in 35 years.)



Seidel - Connolly - Brown
Hendrickson - Oleksuk - Basaraba
Danberg - Tardy - Flaherty
DeLisle - Herbert - Grun

Bergman - Lamb
Kishel - Casto
Olson - McManus

Reiter - Crandall - Gaffy

Notre Dame
Larson - Maday - Voran
Lee - Tynan - Rust
Costello - Gerths - Schneider
Nugent - Gaul - Peterson

Taker - Calabrese
Lind - Johns
Russo - Lorenz

Summerhays - Johnson

(Listed that way on chart, but we expect Johnson to start until told otherwise.)

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