Monday, October 17, 2011

BlogPoll Ballot: Oct. 17

Discussion points after, but here is the ballot.

  • Downgraded South Carolina because of the Lattimore injury. I think that's still a good team, but without Lattimore and Garcia, I don't think they can go far.
  • Michigan State impressed me with their performance against Michigan, especially on defense. I think Wisconsin brings an extra dimension offensively against the Spartans, but it won't be an easy win for Bucky. This is their stiffest test to date, but one they should be able to win.
  • Illinois. LOL.
  • Georgia Tech. LOL.
  • The top of the board is insane. Part of me hopes for a few upsets, so Wisconsin -- if 13-0 -- can play for the title. Part of me hopes for as many unbeaten teams as possible, to make the horrifically broken system look worse than it already does.
  • Can't figure out Texas A&M. Should be a ten-win team, but they have to finish games like they did Saturday against Baylor and less like they had been previously.

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