Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Video: Frank Serratore Clairvoyant After Win

This is a couple days old, but still worth the time to post.

After Friday's 5-1 win over Penn State, Air Force men's hockey coach Frank Serratore sat down for a press conference with the assembled media. What followed -- even for a Serratore, which sets a pretty high standard -- was absolute gold.

Serratore's money shot came around 35 seconds in, when he declared that if his Falcons were to play that way in Saturday's series finale, the score would be reversed.

Penn State ended up winning Saturday's game ... 5-1.

Contained in this video is exactly why the college hockey media loves the Serratore brothers (Tom is the head coach at Bemidji State). They're absolutely fantastic when near a microphone.

Of course, when you turn off the microphone, they're even better, because the language has a tendency to get a little colorful.

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