Sunday, November 11, 2012

Game 8: UMD at Nebraska Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. -- Things to watch for in this game are plentiful. They include UMD's discipline, five-on-five scoring, physical play (which goes back to the discipline issue, because you can't be afraid to take penalties and not hit as a result), and defensive zone coverage, which can -- and must -- continue to improve.

Also, watch the first couple shifts. See which team -- if either -- gets a big hit or a big play to get some energy going. I'm not expecting a big crowd, so the energy will probably have to come from within. Coaches and players call it "creating your own atmosphere."

You can also watch Charlie Sampair, who makes his UMD debut in this game. 



Crandall (Justin) - Herbert - Basaraba
Farley - Cameranesi - Seidel
Danberg - Hendrickson - Flaherty
DeLisle - Decowski - Krause

Olson - Welinski
Bergman - Corrin
Smith - Sampair

McNeely - Crandall (Aaron)

Searfoss - Montpetit - Raubenheimer
Walters - Zombo - Archibald
Gwidt - Pearce - White
Polk - Lane - Schmit

Megna - Sustr
Seeler - Aneloski
Young - O'Rourke

Faulkner - Stolarz - Belfour

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