Monday, September 10, 2012

BlogPoll: Week 2 Ballot, I Guess

Here is this week's BlogPoll ballot, as submitted by yours truly Monday morning.

There is a lot to discuss. Much was moved, especially once we got through the top five.

A few thoughts:
  • Amazingly disappointing performance by Arkansas, which seemed to let the foot off the gas after opening a 28-7 lead over Louisiana-Monroe. The Razorbacks deserve to fall out of the top 25.
  • So does Wisconsin, which laid an egg bigger than any its laid in years, losing 10-7 to an average-at-best Oregon State team. The Badgers let a Beavers defense that allowed nearly 200 rushing yards per game last year hold them to 35 yards on the ground Saturday. Danny O'Brien couldn't have been worse. Not much poise, and didn't seem to have his accuracy going. The offensive line was so offensive that the line coach was canned Sunday. Strikes as a move made out of desperation, but Bret Bielema has never really done anything like this before. In my mind, that adds a bit of legitimacy to things. The season can still be salvaged, but it won't be if the line doesn't improve, both in run-blocking and pass pro.
  • Kudos to Jim Mora and UCLA. At least we're finding out that Rick Neuheisel could recruit, even if the coaching part of things was somewhat subpar.

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