Monday, December 05, 2011

Video: Teddy Bears!

I love the Teddy Bear Toss. Great hockey promotion.

Hell, when Minnesota State did it one year while UMD was in Mankato, we went out and bought a bear to throw on the ice. It's fun, for a good cause, and makes for a cool visual.

Especially when there are 25,000 teddy bears flying everywhere.


This is from the WHL's Calgary Hitmen, who had over 26,000 teddy bears at their event in 2007. Still, you have to think 25,003 is a good total.

And yes, I remember when UMD did this. Mason Raymond scored, and the teddy bears were flying. And then someone arrived late and didn't get the memo that UMD had already scored and further flying bears would result in a penalty.

Not that you should need a memo when there is a scoreboard to tell you what happened before you got there.

(Pat on the back: Puck Daddy)

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jcieluch said...

I remember that game 3 quick goals in the 1st and the penalty after the 3rd was the beginging of the collapse