Saturday, December 10, 2011

Game 18: UMD at Wisconsin

MADISON, Wisc. -- The halfway mark happens as of this game, and the Bulldogs' national title defense probably couldn't have started any better than it has.

UMD has a chance to sail into the holiday break with a school-record 14-game unbeaten streak with a win in this game against Wisconsin.

There is a lot of other potential significance to this game that we'll talk about on the air during the broadcast, which begins at 7:30.



Seidel - Connolly - Basaraba
Herbert - Oleksuk - Brown
Crandall (Justin) - Hendrickson - Grun
Krause - Tardy - Flaherty

Bergman - Lamb
Kishel - Casto
Olson - McManus

Reiter - Crandall (Aaron)

Woods - Zengerle - Barnes
Mersch - Dahl - Clark
Navin - Labate - Meuer
Lapic - Paape - Little

Simonelli - Schultz
Springer - Ramage
McCabe - Faust

Rumpel - Peterson - Thompson

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