Friday, November 11, 2011

Game 11: Alaska-Anchorage at UMD

Should be an interesting weekend, as a desperate Seawolves team tries to break a four-game slide against a UMD group that hasn't lost in six.

Start of a four-game homestand at Amsoil Arena, which will be followed by eight straight road games (in wondrous locales like Houghton and Kalamazoo) spread out over two months before UMD returns home in January.



Seidel - Connolly - Basaraba
Herbert - Oleksuk - Brown
Crandall (Justin) - Hendrickson - Grun
Krause - Tardy - Flaherty

Bergman - Lamb
Kishel - Casto
Olson - Smith

Reiter - Crandall (Aaron) - Gaffy

Portwood - Naslund - Crowell
Spencer - Gellert - Mellor
Allen - Scheid - Pettitt
Leinweber - Bailey - Bruijsten

Warner - Gorham
Sproule - Karl
Coldwell - Docken

Gunderson - Kamal

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