Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snow Day

MINNEAPOLIS -- When I packed the bags for this short trip to Minneapolis, I made a last-minute decision to throw a case of 12 DVDs into my clothes bag.

Turns out it was a pretty good call.

UMD lost 3-2 to Minnesota last night, which is enough to make one's skin crawl, and now we get an extra 21 hours to think about that stupid game.

Well, at least I end up thinking about it.

Anyway, this is the view out of my fifth-floor hotel window on Saturday afternoon. Lots of white stuff laying around and flying through the air, eh?

We have over a foot of snow so far in the Twin Cities, and while it's shown signs of slowing down, it's still coming down, and it's still looking pretty brutal outside. This shot looks over Washington Avenue (under the overpass, which takes you to 11th St. in Minneapolis and pretty much to the front door of our hotel), and it's not like Washington hasn't been plowed today. The crews just can't keep up with the snow.

The Twin Cities University of Minnesota campus closed earlier Saturday afternoon, and all events scheduled were cancelled, except for a noon-hour men's basketball game that went on as scheduled. Our game will be played Sunday at 4 p.m., giving us plenty of time to kill.

For now, it's a chance to enjoy the UMD football game (CBS College Sports and Fox Sports North) and relax. I've done some research and plenty of reading (including Ross Bernstein's wonderful "Raising Stanley" book, which is on sale now and will be the subject of our second intermission interview Sunday).

These are interesting days, largely because they don't happen often. Hopefully, UMD can respond with the extra rest and play well Sunday.

By the way, UMD sophomore defenseman Dylan Olsen is back at the hotel with his teammates. He was scheduled to fly to Toronto for Canada's World Junior camp, which starts Sunday. I would assume he will try to fly out Sunday so he can take part. Hopefully, this isn't a lame excuse for Canada not to take him. I have to think he'll get there tomorrow and all will be well.

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