Sunday, December 12, 2010

Metrodome Caves in Under Weight of Brett Favre's Ego; Crazy Weekend Continues

Photo: KFAN Radio
MINNEAPOLIS -- As if an historic snowfall and numerous postponements and cancellations weren't enough, the mother of all crazy weekends just rolls on.

While we were sleeping early Sunday morning, the Metrodome's teflon roof collapsed under the weight of some 15-20 inches of snow that fell in the metro area Saturday.

With the snow already causing the postponement of Sunday's Vikings-Giants game to Monday night, we can thankfully report that no one was inside the stadium at the time. Even though it was around 5 a.m., there's a chance that wouldn't have been the case on a game day.

Now, you can see the sky inside the Metrodome, and there is snow and ice on the playing surface. There won't be any football played there anytime soon. This is the kind of damage that takes time to repair. It won't be fixed by Tuesday, Friday, or next Monday, when Minnesota is supposed to host Chicago.

The NFL is seeking an alternate venue for the game, with the smart money going on Detroit's Ford Field for a Monday or Tuesday kickoff.

Whenever the game is played, expect it to air on FOX only in markets that would be blacked out of a non-sellout. For Vikings fans who don't reside in the Twin Cities or Rochester markets, that means finding a place that has DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket to watch the game. Same for Giants fans outside of the New York market.

To add to the fun, Brett Favre texted ESPN's Ed Werder and told him he wouldn't have been able to play had the game started at its regularly-scheduled time of noon. Of course, he'll magically heal in the extra day or two this chain of events is giving him.

Here is video of the dome's collapse, which aired exclusively on FOX NFL Sunday.

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