Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Hey, Dad, Can I Run On The Field?

Probably not a good idea. Even if you're not drunk.

Wayne Consalvi told the newspaper that his son was not drinking and he wasn't on drugs. Steve Consalvi is "a real good student, heading to Penn State," his father told the Philadelphia Daily News.

The father also told the newspaper that his son didn't run onto the field as a result of a dare or bet, either.

"I don't recommend running on the field, but I don't think they should have Tased him at all," he told the newspaper.

This Taser debate won't go away anytime soon, either.

Is this excessive force on a kid who did something stupid? Should police be more restricted in when they can use the device?

There are some who believe it's a deadly way to get a suspect on the ground. Others say it's not terribly harmful.

No matter what you think about the Taser itself, the fact it was used on a 17-year-old baseball fan who was likely not a threat to anyone is going to spark debate for a few days, at least.

Of course, that 17-year-old fan -- especially one smart enough to get into college -- should probably understand the fact that it's not legal to run on the field during a game, and we do usually (sometimes?) have consequences in this country for people who break the law.

In this kid's case, that punishment apparently includes embarrassment in front of 40,000 people, and later a national television audience.


Next time, stay in your seat unless you're hungry, thirsty, or have to pee.

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