Monday, April 19, 2010

NFL Draft Preview: Anthony Davis

We preview the NFL Draft from the perspective of the Green Bay Packers.

For some time, the potential availability of a guy like Davis at this point in the first round was a pipe dream. The Packers had to think he was out of reach for them, as his athleticism and potential had people drooling.

There are some questions about Davis, however. He struggled at times with his weight, and guys with weight issues in college often develop them at the next level, too. His fundamentals need some work, though he has the athletic ability and talent to play the position, no question.

Will Davis' weight struggles be forgotten amid impressive measurables? Or will they dog him and show a lack of desire to be the best?

Watching the video, there's no question he has the ability to play left tackle in the NFL.

General manager Ted Thompson isn't the kind who likes to take risks on guys who could be character problems. If he thinks Davis won't maintain weight and work hard enough, he will pass on the kid in a second.

On the field, he can go. He's strong, pretty good with his feet, and has the intensity to be effective as a run-blocker. He looks good in pass protection, but you always worry with the mammoth tackles if they can hold up against the speedy rushers you face in the NFL.

Thompson has seen the kid play. He's seen him work out. He's probably talked to him. He has a feel for what Anthony Davis is all about.

Come Thursday, we'll see if he gets a chance to put his knowledge and feelings on Davis to the test.

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