Saturday, December 12, 2009

Game 18: UMD vs. Denver

These teams are both good. They're both legit.

Now, it's time for UMD to show that they're capable of being just a little better. The Bulldogs need to come out, play with some crust, as Edmonton coach Pat Quinn would say, and get in DU's faces.

Some changes for tonight, so here are the lines.

Connolly (Mike) - Connolly (Jack) - Fontaine
Bordson - Oleksuk - Seidel
Fulton - Akins - Schmidt
Danberg - DeLisle - Grun

Kishel - Montgomery
Bergman - Lamb
Olson - Huttel

Hjelle - Reiter - Crandall

Glasser - Gifford - Dewhurst
Ostrow (Shawn) - Shore - Knowlton
Rakhshani - Martin - Maiani
Ostrow (Kyle) - Ruegsegger - Colborne

Donovan - Nutini
Phillips - Lee
Ryder - Wrenn OR Brookwell

Wrenn (upper body) is going to be a game-time decision. Brookwell will play if he can't. Phillips is in for Patrick Wiercioch (World Junior tryout).

For UMD, Dylan Olsen is also gone for the World Junior tryout.

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