Saturday, October 25, 2008


(Ignore the soccer ball. I think this is kind of funny.)

Game 5: Alaska-Anchorage 4, UMD 4*

UMD goals
MacGregor Sharp 5 (Mike Connolly 5, Nick Kemp 2), 2:00 2nd period. Kemp dropped a great feed to Sharp in the left circle, and he blasted a one-time past Jon Olthuis to get UMD on the board.

Justin Fontaine 3 (Evan Oberg 5, Josh Meyers 2), 17:23 2nd period (PP). Oberg and Meyers held the puck along the blue line, and Meyer's one-time pass was tipped in by Fontaine at the left post.

Justin Fontaine 4 (Drew Akins 1, Evan Oberg 6), 3:09 3rd period (PP). Oberg threaded a pass down low to Akins, who back-handed a wonderful feed across the goalmouth to Fontaine, who was open at the left post for a picturesque backdoor goal.

Trent Palm 1 (MacGregor Sharp 4, Michael Gergen 3), 9:55 3rd period (PP). Sharp had the puck on the right wing, and he got it to the top of the umbrella to Palm, who one-timed a great shot inside the left post. It was disallowed because the officials made a poor call.

Yes, I'm bitter about the disallowed goal.

Replay shows Connolly (Mike) at the left post, but not in the crease. Even if he did make contact with Olthuis, he has every right to be near the net as long as he stays out of the crease.

And I hate that coaches can sometimes get their way on these reviews by whining enough. Don Adam and Timm Walsh had no inclination to review the play until right before they dropped the puck to resume action after the goal. Only then did they decide to review the previous play.

I'd love to know more about this mysterious crease violation. I mean, "man in the crease" is a worthwhile, well-intentioned rule. But how do you call it when there weren't any offensive players actually in the crease?

It stinks. But UMD will deal with it. After all, they made this a difficult night by allowing four goals on UAA's first seven shots.

(This isn't to blame Alex Stalock for it. He had virtually no shot on most of the four.)

They still have to clean up the penalty kill, and they have to show up with a more consistent 60-minute effort Saturday. I'm confident this will happen.

I'm also confident that they will respond well to having a bad break go against them. History indicates they will. This is a resilient group.


Anonymous said...

How many times does Don Adam have to screw us over?. I truly believe that if Don Adam wasn't one of the refs last night that goal would have been allowed.

Anonymous said...

Our boys played hard from behind again and what do they get...not the "w" or a tie but a big slap in the face by the refs! Coaches can't have plays reviewed, this isn't the NFL...if the goal was questionable why didn't they review it right away?

Anonymous said...

I would just like to see the replay of that...I don't think GCI ever showed it on the web feed.

Runninwiththedogs said...

I don't think GCI ever showed anything relevant to the action.
FOR EXAMPLE when the ref came out after the replay... they focused on Olthius. Why? I can't imagine. You'd think we'd want to see the ref. I also couldn't tell when we scored goals except for Fonzie's 2nd one. The camera was zoomed in so tight all I could see was the goalie. I couldn't even see a celebration!

Anonymous said...

They win that game last night if Stalock can stop 4 more shots. He is always a liability in net.

Anyone in the camp that he will never play in the pros if he continues to give us "easy" goals and puts UMD behind most games.

His constant wandering from the net is un-necessary.