Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Like once was really enough. For crying out loud, Noodles and Coldstone are right across the street! Just listen to the sound of me getting fatter!

We had to leave a day early for Denver. Something about flights already booked and unable to accomodate 22 hockey players, their gear, their coaching staff, their radio broadcaster, and Justin May. I understand.

What does it mean? The players got a day away from skating today, and they get most of tomorrow to relax and do whatever. I don't even know how to skate, so I get to find ways to keep busy the next couple days.

Don't worry. I'll manage. Stay tuned.

(Among the items from Denver: my all-WCHA ballot, WCHA playoff picks, ripping the Wild, talking about other sports that don't matter as much as hockey, and whatever else I can think of.)

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