Friday, November 09, 2007


Cripes. Week 11 already.

And we still don't know anything.

Show of hands - Who's convinced that Ohio State is the nation's best college football team?

That's what I thought.

Seriously, we don't know anything. We know so little that normal football dormat Kansas is legitimately in the top five, and a team that should have lost at home to TEMPLE (Connecticut) is in line for a BCS berth.

And every week, we find out that we didn't know something that we thought we knew. Maybe it's time for tOSU to fall, though I think we're going to have to wait another week for that.

Last week: 9-6
Season: 100-41

Michigan at Wisconsin: I still can't believe I'm stupid enough to do this. I mean, even given a second chance to retract, I stuck with it. Ugh. I'm an idiot.
The pick: Wisconsin

Minnesota at Iowa:
Left for dead in October, Iowa is bowl-eligible with a win. Now, if Kirk Ferentz could only figure out how to get the team to play well when the leaves are still on the trees.
The pick: Iowa

Indiana at Northwestern:
A Northwestern win leaves both teams bowl-eligible. One of them is probably not going bowling, if not both, because of the fact that the Big Ten doesn't have enough tie-ins for everyone. In this game, I think Indiana's offense will be the difference. Given the "Play 13" storyline and IU's long bowl drought, I think seven wins gets them in a bowl.
The pick: Indiana

Michigan State at Purdue: Thanks to Michigan's comeback, the 5-7 dream is still alive for Michigan State. Purdue will keep it alive, probably knocking Sparty out of the postseason.
The pick: Purdue

Wake Forest at Clemson:
The Tigers have come on a bit lately. Wake is tough to figure out. If they can play mistake-free, they're capable of beating anyone. However, that's been a problem this year. The more talented team here is Clemson, and I'll take them at home.
The pick: Clemson

Arkansas at Tennessee:
For Darren McFadden, it's probably too late. But ask South Carolina about slowing him down. Tennessee will have more luck, but I think Arkansas wins in a bit of a road upset.
The pick: Arkansas

Texas A&M at Missouri:
This won't go well for Coach Fran. Good luck with that buyout.
The pick: Missouri

Texas Tech at Texas:
Longhorns ride momentum from last week's stunning comeback at Oklahoma State. Their defensive speed is too much for Mike Leach's funky offense to overcome.
The pick: Texas

Illinois at Ohio State:
This isn't the week for tOSU to lose. That'll be (hopefully) next week. Illinois may be problematic because of the run game, but they can't throw enough to keep the Buckeyes' defense honest.
The pick: Ohio State

Connecticut at Cincinnati:
This is a big game? In football? Seriously, we don't know anything. I don't like UConn here. Cincinnati's offense is clicking, and they'll find a way to win at home.
The pick: Cincinnati

Auburn at Georgia:
Georgia has been playing very well, but Auburn looked solid in games at Florida and LSU already. I see them being ready in this game, but I'll take Georgia at home. I'll probably regret it, as I've stayed away from the UGA bandwagon all year.
The pick: Georgia

USC at Cal:
Looked great in the fall. It's lost luster since then. Cal gets back on track.
The pick: Cal

Other games (home team in CAPS)
Penn State over TEMPLE
Kansas State over NEBRASKA
Air Force over NOTRE DAME
VANDERBILT over Kentucky (Vandy is bowl eligible with a win!)
Arizona State over UCLA
VIRGINIA TECH over Florida State
HAWAI'I over Fresno State

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