Saturday, November 21, 2015

Game 13: UMD at Colorado College

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- This is a good time to remind you of a longtime stance of mine:

"Weather the storm" is rarely a good game plan.

UMD may face a bit of a storm in this game. Colorado College coach Mike Haviland was pretty blunt in his assessment of Friday's 5-0 UMD win, and his captain, Sam Rothstein, called himself and the rest of the team's upperclassmen out.

You can bet they'll come out stronger in the series finale. It's up to UMD to do the same or more.

As assistant coach Brett Larson said before the Omaha series, the coaching staff wants their players to match and exceed the intensity level of the opposition.

The first goal is highly important in this game. Haviland talked about how hard it's been on his team playing catch-up hockey all the time. The Tigers haven't led since the first period of an Oct. 16 loss at UMass-Lowell. They lost the lead in the first period that night, never reclaimed it, and haven't led a game since. Colorado College has, entering Saturday's game, played 531:40 without once leading a game. If UMD can score first and not let up, the Bulldogs will be in great shape.



Iafallo - Toninato - Johnson
Farley - Cameranesi - Kuhlman
Osterberg - Thomas - Young (Austyn)
Sampair - Decowski - Mackay

Corrin - Welinski
Soucy - Raskob
Pionk - Molenaar

Kaskisuo - McNeely

Gooch - Bradley (Cody) - Gerdes
Bradley (Trey) - Rothstein - Roos
Fejes - Heil - Hansen
Burmaster - Ockey - Martello

Kivihalme - Lagrone
McCaskill - Emilio
Farny - Kwiecinski

Nehama - Marble - Shatzer

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