Wednesday, March 05, 2014

One Person's Completely Invalid All-NCHC Choices

The NCHC is smart. It isn't letting me vote for the all-league teams.

It's smart, because fans of North Dakota and St. Cloud State have been blunt in their criticisms of my votes in the past. They decided I didn't know what I was doing because I didn't pick enough of their favorite teams' players. They were probably right in some cases.

Anyway, the regular season closes this weekend, and while the media is not asked to vote on league honors, I've been asked to submit my choices anyway. And as my wife will (probably not) attest, I always do what I'm asked.

So without any further ado, here are my choices for this season's NCHC awards, along with some discussion on some of the tough calls. Decisions are made a little easier because I was able to see video on teams before they played UMD. This was a regular practice every week, so I got a look at every team in the league on video. That helped, especially with Denver and Miami, teams UMD saw only one time apiece.


Josh Archibald, Nebraska Omaha
Shane Berschbach, Western Michigan
Jonny Brodzinski, St. Cloud State

Paul LaDue, North Dakota
Andrew Prochno, St. Cloud State

Ryan Faragher, St. Cloud State


Riley Barber, Miami
Nic Dowd, St. Cloud State
Rocco Grimaldi, North Dakota

Joey LaLeggia, Denver
Dillon Simpson, North Dakota

Sam Brittain, Denver


Chase Balisy, Western Michigan
Caleb Herbert, UMD
Kalle Kossila, St. Cloud State
Dominic Zombo, Nebraska Omaha

Jaccob Slavin, Colorado College
Andy Welinski, UMD
Nolan Zajac, Denver

Ryan Massa, Nebraska Omaha


Jake Guentzel, Nebraska Omaha
Luke Johnson, North Dakota
Kyle Osterberg, UMD

Paul LaDue, North Dakota
Jaccob Slavin, Colorado College

Kirk Thompson, Nebraska Omaha

Goalie of the Year:
Ryan Faragher, St. Cloud State
Defenseman of the Year: Andrew Prochno, St. Cloud State
Rookie of the Year: Kyle Osterberg, UMD
Forward of the Year: Josh Archibald, Nebraska Omaha
Offensive Defenseman of the Year: Joey LaLeggia, Denver
Defensive Forward of the Year: Rocco Grimaldi, North Dakota
Player of the Year: Josh Archibald, Nebraska Omaha

Some very easy decisions. For example, every place you see Archibald's name listed? Easy call. No problem.

Had a hard time fleshing out the defensemen, especially Slavin and CC teammate Gustav Olofsson. LaDue played himself onto the team with his performances against Miami (watched on "tape") and UMD (in the flesh). When I put this together at mid-season, he wasn't anywhere to be found.

Brodzinski locked himself on my first team when he beat UMD with that laser of a one-timer in St. Cloud. Amazing college goal scorer.

And, yes, you read it correctly. No UMD players on my first or second teams. Sorry, guys.

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