Saturday, December 14, 2013

Game 16: Western Michigan at UMD

This is a huge game, for a multitude of reasons.

I'm not so sure I'd go to the "gut check" terminology, but UMD has been lauded by observer after observer for its talent. A loss here leaves UMD 2-6 in the NCHC at break.

I don't have to tell you that it isn't good enough. Or that it is going to leave a rotten taste in a lot of mouths going into nearly three weeks away from games, and close to a month away from any games that count.

Western Michigan played very well Friday, and surely will try to make life miserable for UMD again in this game.



Osterberg - Cameranesi - Crandall (Justin)
Sampair - Decowski - Spurrell
Iafallo - Toninato - Krause
Herbert - Tardy - Basaraba

Soucy - Welinski
Smith - Raskob
Johnson - Molenaar

Crandall (Aaron) - McNeely - Fons

Cichy - Killip - Hadley
Hargrove - Balisy - LaPorte
Kessel - Dries - Novak
Berschbach - Pitt - Kovacs

Stewart - Morrison
Dienes - Fleming
Oesterle - Brown

Slubowski - Hafner 

(This is how it was listed Friday, but Hafner started. We expect he will again.)

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