Monday, June 10, 2013

Packers Mount Rushmore; Can We Name Eight Guys?

The summer often leads to TV networks and websites finding ways to kill time while also creating interest.

ProFootballTalk has done a great job of both with its ongoing Mount Rushmore bit. The premise: Name four figures from each franchise to fill a Mount Rushmore for each NFL team.

It's fun, because it calls on fans to look back on their favorite team's history. Recognizing and respecting key figures from the past is a good thing for even the most boorish of fans.

Over the weekend, PFT announced the candidates for the Green Bay Packers' version of Mount Rushmore. There may not be a more difficult vote than this one. Here is the list:

Herb Adderly
Brett Favre
Forrest Gregg
Paul Hornung
Don Hutson
Curly Lambeau
Vince Lombardi
Ray Nitschke
Aaron Rodgers
Bart Starr
Jim Taylor
Reggie White

What, no Brent Fullwood?

Lambeau and Lombardi seem like locks, no? I mean, how do you turn away the patriarch of one of the league's greatest and most legendary franchises, and the coach who made the team relevant again in the 60s?

So that leaves two spots.

Nitschke was an iconic defensive player in the Lombardi years, and White helped resurrect the franchise in the 1990s when he signed as a free agent.

But what about the offense? You have Hornung and Taylor on the list from the 60s, and you have Starr, the ringleader of that offense. Does he get the nod over Favre, who (despite the crap he put this team through) has to be ahead of Rodgers?

I voted for White and Starr, but voting for Nitschke and Favre makes sense, too.

What are your thoughts, Cheeseheads?

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Anonymous said...

First choice: build a bigger mountain.

Second choice: Lambeau, Lombardi, Starr, White.

It's such a tough call!