Friday, March 01, 2013

Game 33: Alabama-Huntsville at UMD

First-year UAH coach Kurt Kleinendorst knew his work would be cut out for him, and it might not be immediately that the effort is rewarded. But the Chargers bench boss is continuing to work anyway, hoping to have this program ready for the jump to the WCHA next season.

There aren't a lot of negatives. A new league offers the kind of stability that Independent status doesn't these days.

(By the way, this has been eating at me for a few months, but exactly how the hell is it that first-year program Penn State couldn't find a way to play UAH both in Happy Valley and in Huntsville? UAH, starving for home games, couldn't even get a home weekend from the one program in the country that should have been jumping at the chance. Nice to see that high-and-mighty Big Ten attitude didn't escape Penn State here, even in its inaugural season. /rant)

UAH will have a league championship to play for, an NCAA bid to chase, and the potential to finally grow the program to be a competitive one in Division I.

This is the final weekend of the season for the Chargers. For UMD, the hope is that it builds some positive momentum and gets the arrow pointing in the right direction before the playoffs start in two weeks.



Seidel - Herbert - Crandall (Justin)
Farley - Cameranesi - Basaraba
Danberg - Hendrickson - Flaherty
DeLisle - Decowski - Krause

Olson - Welinski
Smith - Casto
Johnson - Bergman

McNeely - Crandall (Aaron) - Fons

Allan - Cseter - Lysaght
Uusivirta - Brears - Vanderlugt
Geoffrion (Sebastian) - Reid - Pierce
Geoffrion (Brice) - Kendra - Webley

White - DeBruyn
Strukoff - Koshey
Reinhardt - Misuraca

Griggs - Groh

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