Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2012 BlogPoll: Week 1

BlogPoll 2012 is underway.

It's become a bit of a tradition for your humble correspondent to cast a vote in this thing every week.

The Week 1 poll is already out, but I figured I'd stick with my "be transparent" rule and post my ballot, even if I voted last week and forgot to post it then.

A few thoughts, in no particular order:
  • Honestly, I wasn't sold on LSU even before the Honey Badger suspension. I don't think that news did anything for me but perhaps swap out LSU and Oklahoma in the poll. But my top two have been my top two for some time.
  • I'm probably too high on the SEC. At least I hope I am. I think it's reasonable to argue that this is correct when assessing the strength of that league, but I expect either Arkansas or South Carolina -- and perhaps both -- will disappoint and not finish terribly close to these spots.
  • I'm confident that Wisconsin is the best team in the Big Ten, but I have no idea what lies below the Badgers. I didn't put Ohio State in here because I do think the Buckeyes will suffer the sting of a postseason ban, combined with the schematic changes that Urban Meyer brings. Michigan and Michigan State are both strong, but I couldn't pick a favorite there if I had to right now.
  • Look out for Texas. Low in this poll, but I think the Longhorns are a darkhorse contender if they can find some more offense. That defense is boss.
  • Hard to say they're "under the radar," but Oklahoma is another team to watch. The Sooners have all the tools to win, but they're forgotten with all the USC/Alabama/SEC hype.

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