Friday, March 02, 2012

Game 35: UMD at St. Cloud State

ST. CLOUD, Minn. -- After an absence of 860 days during which UMD has played at least four games in every other WCHA building, the Bulldogs are finally back in St. Cloud.

It's as we left it, which is a big part of why the school is undertaking a huge project to remake the arena. You'll hear more on that from head coach Bob Motzko during the first intermission of the game broadcast.

For now, let's line these teams up, eh?



Flaherty - Connolly - Seidel
Herbert - Oleksuk - Brown
Basaraba - Hendrickson - Grun
Crandall (Justin) - Tardy - Krause

Bergman - Lamb
Casto - Smith
Olson - Kishel

Reiter - Crandall (Aaron)

Hanowski - Novak - Rabey
Festler - Dowd - Eddy
Oliver - Thorson - Bertsch
Milan - Rehkamp - Holka

Prochno - Jensen
Gravel - Daly
Zabkowicz - Johnson

Lee - Faragher - Phillippi

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