Thursday, February 17, 2011

TCU Lacks Guts to Play Wisconsin Again

This is a bit old, but I thought I'd throw it out there for those who hadn't heard it yet.

Recently, it was revealed that someone (ESPN?) was trying to set up what would have been a great game to open the college football season. The proposal was to have TCU play Sept. 3 at Wisconsin.

Since there had been rumors that UNLV was trying to back out of their game in Madison on that day, all it would have taken (logistically, at least) is for TCU to get out of their deal to play Baylor.

Of course, that's assuming TCU would want the game.

They didn't.

I guess they think they're better off playing Baylor at home than a marquee game against Wisconsin. Of course, they were more than willing to play Oregon State at Cowboys Stadium. In a one-time, blow-off game that didn't have a return game in Corvallis scheduled with it.

Easy decision to make when the game's in your backyard, I guess. When that game is on someone else's turf, it's just as easy to whine about contracts and return games.

UW coach Bret Bielema said during an appearance on WTSO-AM in Madison that he was contacted less than two weeks after the loss to TCU about a possible rematch.

"I would definitely love the challenge to play them again," Bielema said on the show. "And really, I thought it would be a great sell with our folks. Unfortunately, TCU wasn't as excited about the matchup."

TCU officials didn't share Bielema's enthusiasm for two reasons.

The Horned Frogs have a contract to play at Baylor on Sept. 3 and the reported offer was a one-game deal that did not include a return game with UW visiting Fort Worth.

Sounds like Gary Patterson's only willing to schedule these one-off games if his team is at or close to home.

Gotta love hypocrisy.

If you read "Death To The BCS," you'll come to understand that people like Patterson are exactly what's wrong with college football. The "cartel," as the book calls those who fight for the BCS, thrive off BS like the sanctity of the regular season.

Yet the BCS system's flaws are what discourage TCU from taking this game. As long as they have to win every game they play to have a shot at a BCS bowl, there is no benefit whatsoever for them to take a single game at Wisconsin.


Because if they lose, they lose their shot at the BCS, and Patterson is a moron for taking the game. This is especially true when you consider the fact that they'd be giving up a home game against a mid-pack (at best) program like Baylor.

Of course, if there were a playoff system in place that rewarded not only elite records but teams willing to play tough schedules, TCU takes this game in five seconds.

Which situation is better for college football: TCU at Wisconsin or Baylor at TCU?

Tell me again what good the BCS does.

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