Friday, March 26, 2010

McNabb Wants to Play For Vikings; Feeling Likely Not Mutual

It's seemed kind of silly to think that the Philadelphia Eagles would carry three pretty high-priced quarterbacks this season. Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb, and Michael Vick aren't cheap, and they can't all play, because of that whole "one football per play" rule we have in the sport.

With that in mind, there has been talk of a trade, probably involving the veteran McNabb. That would free Eagles coach Andy Reid to start Kolb and use Vick as a change-of-pace/wildcat/jack of all trades player, and he wouldn't have to have all three quarterbacks active to get that kind of use out of Vick.

So where would Philly trade McNabb? The obvious answer is "Somewhere in the AFC," so they wouldn't have to deal with him more than once every four years, or in the preseason when it doesn't count anyway, or in the Super Bowl.

That doesn't mean McNabb, who doesn't have a no-trade clause but should still wield some power over his destination, wants to go to the AFC.

Remember when the Packers traded Brett Favre? It wasn't just about getting Favre away from the Packers. It was a process that had to be somewhat respectful toward Favre, given his service time and the fact that he was a star player.

McNabb, according to a Philadelphia newspaper, wants to play for the Minnesota Vikings if he gets traded.

After Andy Reid announced Wednesday that the Eagles were "entertaining offers" for all three of their quarterbacks, McNabb reiterated that he wants to remain in Philadelphia. But if the team were to ship its franchise quarterback elsewhere, the Vikings would be his first choice, according to sources close to the situation.


Multiple thoughts on this:
  • Is there a snowball's chance in hell the Eagles would trade him to a team already high among NFC playoff contenders?
  • If so, why would the Vikings want him?
  • Oh, yeah, what if Brett Favre retires? Hmm ... Tarvaris Jackson or Donovan McNabb? Let me think about that for 0.48 seconds.
  • Can the Eagles afford to wait until Favre actually retires or doesn't retire?
  • If Favre retires, the Vikings get McNabb, and then Favre unretires, what happens?
As you can see, there are multiple layers of manufactured drama that can come along with this story. The problem is that they're all manufactured, meaning they're fake. Not real.

Also not happening.

The Vikings aren't going to coerce Favre into a quick decision, either because they already know he's coming back and are trying to play coy with the world, or because they don't want to poke a sleeping bear and risk pissing him off and "forcing him into retirement" like the Packers did*.

(* - If you still blame this on Ted Thompson, you should be beaten with the stick the Packers allegedly poked the sleeping bear with.)

Even if Favre "made up his mind" and "retired," no one would believe him, and the Vikings would look stupid if they tried to "move on" after all the talk about letting Favre take his time.

In the end, Philadelphia is going to have to find a trade partner and talk McNabb into embracing the deal. There is no need for lingering bitterness here, and no reason to drag it out publicly. Find a team, talk to McNabb, and convince him to go there and work hard and be the face of that franchise. He's young enough that he can help a struggling team become successful again. He doesn't have to be dropped onto the roster of a contender because he's on his last legs.

For the Vikings, the thought of Brad Childress practically begging Favre for a quick decision is intriguing, but unrealistic. They've talked too good of a game lately about letting him take his time and doing what they did last year. Given the success of last year, no need to deviate from that plan now.

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Eric J. Burton said...

I think the Vikes should trade T-Jac to the Eagles for McNabb, I really think McNabb would be a good option if Favre doesn't come back. The Vikes can't win with T-Jac or Sage.