Monday, March 15, 2010

Frattin Deserves Suspension

I'm laid up sick today, but this merits a quick post.

All the talk about hits to the head this year, and yet North Dakota's Matt Frattin apparently thought it would be a good idea to launch himself at an opponent's head.

Don Lucia wasn't pleased.

"That was a vicious hit, say what you want," Lucia said. "It's not the kind of hits we want to see in the game. My own personal feeling, it was more than a five."

It will be a crime if Frattin plays against UMD Thursday. The WCHA tried to send a message with the Aaron Marvin suspension, and Frattin obviously missed the memo.


Anonymous said...

That is what you get from a dirty team. There coach was a hack when he played. His name matches his style of play in college and his temas style he coaches. The WCHA is the worst officiated conference in college hockey. How does Mr. Shepard keep his job as Director of Officials!

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the "WCHA is the worst officiated conference in college hockey" bit. At least UND plays hockey whistle to whistle, unlike the tough #12 that doesn't hit anyone until after the referees have stopped play. Yap, yap, yap. The league won't miss him.

Donnie should maybe shut his mouth, though, after sending Schack out to tackle anyone that got in his way at the end of the Saturday game. Too bad the only guy he could get to was Bruneteau, who is about 8 inches and 40 pounds smaller. And don't give me this BS that the vaunted U of M doesn't do such a thing. Remember Hill sending Stoa out to HURT Hextall in Grand Forks (last year) because he was "trash-talking" the U of M bench?

How about Kangas? Kicking is an automatic DQ. Though the officials probably did UND a favor by allowing him to remain in the game.

That said, Frattin deserves the standard one game suspension. You don't leave your feet like that to check someone.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the referees can't seem to call appropriate penalties during the game. Anyone can second guess a call after the review of the tapes. Stupid. Why don't they just call it immediately. The refs certainly have access to the tapes during the game. None of these players nor teams deserve to sit around and wonder who can play in the next game and who can't for most of the week.

These kids all play as hard as they can and sometimes people get hurt.

Anonymous said...

Officials are only allowed to use video to review goals, that's why they don't review tape during the games for hits. It happened pretty quick and with the crew they had up at UND is anyone surprised that they didn't toss Frattin on the spot? A Sheppard has been involved in several games this year where a suspension was later handed out but either no penalty (Marvin at UW) or not a severe enough penalty was given at the time. Too bad that we're going to see even more Sheppard(s) this weekend....

- Waterlover