Sunday, November 02, 2008


Matt Niskanen is not a fighter.

I mean, if you don't believe me, just watch the video. Courtesy of the wonderful

I've seen more pronounced beatings before. Gutsy of Shane Hnidy - he of 33 career regular-season fights - to go after the 20-something second-year player who has never thought.

While Jack Edwards' "pretty little boy" line was completely uncalled for, it was also kind of funny. I guess you can be the judge. Edwards sucks, so it's not terribly surprising, but he's also the Bruins' announcer, so he's paid to be biased.

I just think rooting for "Sheriff Shane" to go after an unsuspecting kid is a bit over-the-top. On the bright side, it looked like Hnidy really enjoyed himself.

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burbstyle said...

Yea, Nisky got worked there and shows why spending some time in a league where fighting is allowed before the NHL could have been good. But, gotta give him props for getting in there and standing up for the team.

I for one laughed at the pretty boy line- kinda funny, but can see why some may think it's uncalled for.