Friday, June 06, 2008


Well, are you?

Let's face facts. The guy has gone off the deep end. In that sense, it's completely fitting that he's an Oakland Raider. The owner has lost it, and the star wide receiver is well on his way.

Walker's attributes his demise in Denver to the Broncos and the way they handled his knee injury. While in Dallas for some training camp work against the Cowboys last summer, Walker experienced swelling in his surgically repaired knee. He said he dealt with the issue and kept practicing daily.

In the first two games of the season, two Denver wins, Walker looked like the same player he was the season prior, grabbing 17 balls and being a key offensive component. However, in the third game, a home loss to Jacksonville, Walker had just two catches.

He said that was the beginning of the end of his time in Denver.

"I was open and they didn't get me the ball," Walker said. "Here I was busting my butt, draining my knee, to be able to go out and make plays and they didn't get me the ball. After that, I started to take care of my knee."

You read that right. Walker is mad because Denver didn't get him the ball enough. In Week Three.

Remember, Packer fans, we got a second-round pick for the guy. I'd say that's pretty solid, considering how good a job he's done keeping himself in shape.

With that in mind, Walker says he's ready to play Denver in the second game of that season-opening Monday Night Football doubleheader. That leads me to my favorite part of Williamson's piece.

"I was ready in those final games and they just didn't want me to be a part of the offense," Walker said. "It just didn't work for me there with that team. They wanted me to take a pay cut in the middle of the season. They just didn't care about me. I'm glad I'm out of there."

Privately, the Broncos are happy Walker is gone, too. Team insiders said Walker, who wore out his welcome in Green Bay as well as Denver, was selfish and was more interested in his personal numbers than the team's success.

Walker insists he is a team player and is looking forward to an Oakland renaissance, both personally and for the franchise.

"'This team gets me," Walker said. "They know what I can do for them. The coaches want me to get the ball here. I just can't wait to show what I can do in the first game against that team."

Seriously? You insist you're a team player, and then you launch into another monologue about getting the ball? That crap simply isn't going to fly on a team coached by Mike Shanahan. I'm no fan of his, but one thing I'll give Shanahan credit for is that he takes really good care of his offensive players. They're in a system that allows them the chance to do great things, so Walker's decision to blame the coaches for his lack of production rings hollow with me.

There's no question at this point that getting Walker the hell away from Brett Favre was the right move. Then again, the fact that Green Bay is 21-11 with a conference championship appearance since he left was probably plenty of evidence for you.

I wonder how that huge chip on his shoulder could be affecting his knee. Perhaps it's shifting the balance of the weight on his legs and causing a problem. Is there a doctor in the house?

(I doff the cap to FanHouse.)

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