Thursday, January 24, 2008


I'm with ya, Corey.

Hopefully, that's not the last time you'll put on that uniform. Unfortunately, the realities of the Packers' depth and free agency tell me it will be. Stinks.

I don't have much to say, really. That sucked. The Packers lost, and I am left almost completely speechless, except for the words "screen pass" and a few cuss words after them.

I'm going to be a big boy. I'm not going to blame the coaches for not having a sound plan. They're the ones who got this team where it got and helped turn this thing around so quickly. Sure, hindsight 20/20, but they saw things on film they thought they could exploit a certain way. It didn't work out.

Player execution wasn't flawless, and the Giants were very good on both sides of the ball.

When the chips were down, Brett was too cold, the kicking game was inexplicably bad (you could never convince me that Crosby came from Colorado and Ryan from the CFL with how bad the kickoffs and punts were Sunday), and they faced a team that executed better in all phases.

Congratulations, New York. Now win next Sunday. Please. I know you won't, but please do.

If you're sick of the Packers, it will probably help you to know that they're done. About the only thing worth posting about is if the unexpected happens and Brett hangs it up.

On a side note, I am in Lowell, Massachusetts, for hockey this weekend. Picked up Will Leitch's new book, "God Save The Fan". Read about 100 pages on the flight in to Boston. I'm going to try to tackle the rest of it while I'm out here. It's a fascinating book, and I highly recommend it - well, unless it goes down the tubes in the remaining 200 pages.

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