Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Official, but comments still are welcomed.

First, here's a look at my ballot from last week:

1 Southern Cal Best talent. Probably the best coaching. Best depth.
2 Michigan Henne/Hart/Manningham have plenty of talent, experience
3 LSU Despite heavy losses, Saban left program stocked, and Miles just has to avoid screwing it up.
4 West Virginia White and Slaton are perfect fits for speed-based spread offense.
5 Wisconsin Badgers return stout defense, plenty of offensive skill
6 Florida Defending champs plug Tebow in as full-time QB.
7 Oklahoma Peterson's injury last year gave OU glimpse of 2007 starter Allen Patrick.
8 Virginia Tech Hokies need more consistent QB play, but are otherwise legitimate title threat.
9 Nebraska Callahan quietly re-building Nebraska into monster it once was.
10 Louisville Most significant coaching transition in major college football, but Brian Brohm will make sure everything is okay.
11 Texas A&M Should be among best running attacks in the nation.
12 Arkansas McFadden could do even more this season, but offseason controversy will continue to swirl.
13 Ohio State Lost a ton, but Chris Wells could be among best RBs in the country.
14 Texas QB Colt McCoy has new faces on line, and the running game will be the key.
15 California Despite loss of Marshawn Lynch, Bears poised to take a shot at USC.
16 Oregon Forgotten team in Pac 10 gets early-season test at Michigan.
17 Boise State Last year's Cinderella lost its leader, returns star Ian Johnson, and must hold off Hawai'i.
18 Auburn Defense should be a monster again.
19 Florida State Jimbo Fisher > Jeff Bowden
20 South Florida May be this year's version of Rutgers, minus the decades of crappy football.
21 Hawaii Colt Brennan didn't come back to lead a 7-5 team.
22 Penn State One of the best WR groups in the nation, but mediocre QB play could slow them down.
23 Missouri Will battle Nebraska for Big 12 North supremacy and pride.
24 Rutgers It will be very tough to build off last year's storybook run.
25 TCU Mountain West kings should reign again.

We had a roundtable this week, and thanks to some of the great bloggers in the poll, it's time to make a few changes. What I have decided on for this week is a ballot that looks like this:

1 Southern Cal --
2 Michigan --
3 LSU --
4 West Virginia --
5 Wisconsin --
6 Virginia Tech 2
7 Florida 1
8 Oklahoma 1
9 Nebraska --
10 Louisville --
11 Arkansas 1
12 Texas A&M 1
13 Florida State 6
14 Ohio State 1
15 Texas 1
16 California 1
17 Boise State --
18 Oregon 2
19 Auburn 1
20 South Florida --
21 Missouri 2
22 Rutgers 2
23 TCU 2
24 Miami (Florida) 2
25 Hawai'i 4

Dropped Out: Penn State (#22).

As you can see, I like the argument made for Florida State, and I moved them up as a result. I am similarly concerned about Hawai'i, and I'm shocked that I omitted Miami (FL) the first time around. That's fixed, too. Otherwise, I simply made some cosmetic changes.

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