Tuesday, September 05, 2006

We're moving; Oh, and BlogPoll: Week 2

Yeah, I'm serious.

Soon, the original content generated in this blog will be moving to a different place. It's nothing against Blogger. It's just the right thing to do.

As I iron out the kinks and figure out how the new place works, I'll move everything there. For now, you can plan on the archives remaining here, but all new content being in the new home.

I'll let you know where to find me as soon as I have stuff moved there and ready to be viewed. The material won't change. It will still suck. I'm just going to poison a different website with it, and I'm going to make all of you who have been kind enough to link me go back and change those links.

In the meantime, I thought I'd throw at you my BlogPoll ballot for Week Two. This is not necessarily the final answer, but someone will have to come up with a pretty good argument to get me to change my mind.

2West Virginia--
3Ohio State--
4Southern Cal 1
5Oklahoma 1
6Notre Dame 1
7Auburn 1
8Michigan 3
9Clemson 4
11Florida 3
12Iowa 3
13Louisiana State 3
14Louisville 3
15Oregon 7
16Tennessee 10
17Florida State 5
18Georgia 1
19Penn State 1
20Texas Tech 1
21Miami (Florida) 12
22Wisconsin 3
23Alabama 3
24Navy 1
25Cal 19

Dropped Out: Georgia Tech (#18), Arkansas (#24).
I dropped Georgia Tech out because I was stunned at the simplicity of their game plan on offense. I was also stunned at the continued undevelopment of Reggie Ball at quarterback. Every time he does something to make you think he's going to turn it around, he has a half like the second half of the Notre Dame game, where he was practically useless.
I dropped Arkansas out because they lost a home game 50-14. I don't care if they were playing an NFL team. That's ridiculous.
Cal stays in the poll because I still think they're good, and if they're not, at least Minnesota can say they beat a ranked team. But they beat out Arkansas for "Most Eye-Openingly Embarrassing Performance of the Weekend".
Miami stunk on Monday night. They're lucky they played Florida State.
Why did Florida State stay so high? Because they won the game. One more note on FSU. They have a linebacker, Buster Davis, who is going to kill someone at some point this season if he's not careful. I wish ESPN could have found room in their Full Circle coverage for a constant iso shot of Davis running around hunting for people who had the football so he could destroy them.
I saw no reason to make any significant changes in my top ten. I moved USC up one spot, ahead of Oklahoma, but I'm not going to be all giddy on the Men of Troy yet. There's an equal chance that Saturday's result was more a reflection on who Arkansas is than anything else.
I probably haven't put Tennessee high enough here, but I'm not prepared to launch them into the top ten because they won a single home game against a team that was probably overrated.


Chris said...

Come on. Arkansas was like 20 points better than they were last year against USC. That has to count for something, right?

Goon said...

how does cal drop to 25 after winning?