Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'd normally leave this for the Fire Joe Morgan crew, but this is ridiculous...

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Anyway, Emmy-winner Joe Morgan was a guest on SportsCenter last night. It was there that he discussed with anchor Steve Levy the ridiculous and somewhat insulting proposition that the hatred toward Barry Bonds is racially-motivated. As the anchors teased this segment, I was given no idea that Morgan was going to be the guest, but I decided to watch anyway, because I was intrigued by the possibility that, as was intimated in the tease, there are MLB players who think people are racist in their handling of Bonds.

The Emmy winner was asked about this notion - the notion that the treatment of Bonds this past week was somehow just a bunch of racist Milwaukee and Philadelphia fans, even though the big sign in Philadelphia Sunday night talked about how "Aaron did it with class" (the other part, about how "Ruth did it with hot dogs and beer", was hilarious). It's an idea that basically dismisses the thought that fans despise Bonds because he probably likely definitely took steroids, which is, you know, true.

Morgan's rambling 45-second response, which I didn't make a transcript of but should have, talked about how there's racism everywhere you go, and how there are probably people who are treating Bonds like this because he's black, and how there are probably people who don't want Bonds to break Aaron's record because he's black (they somehow, evidently, forgot that Henry Aaron is black, too).

At no point in this rambling, incoherent babble did Morgan either come anywhere close to completing a rational thought, or did he mention that maybe, just maybe, people hate Barry Bonds because he's a jerk who took steroids.


To: Joe Morgan
From: Someone who desperately wants to save you from the wrath of Ken Tremendous
Re: Steroids

Steroids are bad, Joe. And Barry Bonds took them.

As a result, there are a lot of people who would just as soon watch the Yankees win a World Series before they watch Barry Bonds break the record of Henry Aaron, a man who has continued to live a life of class and dignity long after he stopped hitting home runs.

It's okay to talk about steroids. Hell, everyone else does.

It's certainly not okay to never mention them when Bonds is involved in the discussion. Please never do this again.

Thank you.


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