Friday, December 16, 2005

Randomization - 12/18/05

BREAKING NEWS!! More troubles in the Gopher hockey program. Word is that a Gopher player went to the bathroom this morning and didn't wash his hands afterward, choosing to only rinse them in cold water. KMSP is investigating with hidden cameras, and they may have something for us in time for February sweeps.

It needs to stop snowing now. 12.5 inches earlier in the week. At least six more Friday morning. Then we got dustings each of the last two nights. That's enough for now. I get it. I should be excited about going to Florida in seven days. And we'll have a white Christmas. And all the snowmobilers are happy. And my back hurts now because I had to shovel in the middle of a freak blizzard Friday morning. Thanks for that.

Herb Bergson is sorry. I commend him for his contrition. It had to be difficult to stand there in front of all those reporters and talk about a rather embarrassing situation. Sounds like he's dead-set on not drinking again. From someone who is greatly experienced in not drinking, it's not a bad thing. Time now for Duluthians to move on, as there are many important issues to deal with.

The Senate has rejected a renewal of the Patriot Act. Good. Thank you. While I'm at it, stop sniping at the BCS and baseball. It's none of your business.

Speaking of baseball...Cuba cannot field a team in the World Baseball Classic, thanks to our federal government. George Steinbrenner is mad, as he was planning on getting at least two starting pitchers off the Cuban team. In all seriousness, this is a silly ruling. Cuba's players are no threat to this country, and while I understand that we are trying to protect the spirit of our trade embargo with that country, there's really not a whole lot of harm to be done in allowing them to play here.

Could the Bucks and Wolves both be good? Probably not, but they're both off to good starts this season. The Bucks have been shooting well, and they have overcome some woes on the home floor to stay in contention so far in the East. The Timberwolves lost three straight heartbreakers, but they look like a team that will make noise in the West, especially if they can figure out who is going to make some offense happen on this team to take pressure off of Kevin Garnett.

The Colts lost. Good for the Chargers, and for the 1972 Dolphins. I don't think I can figure out the media's fascination with the Dolphins' players. While I acknowledge that they look silly popping the corks every year when the last NFL unbeaten finally loses, I also don't have a problem with the tradition. If I had a "record" like that, I'd probably use this event as an excuse to throw a little party every year. Not only that, but most of those former players have said that it's not that they don't want other teams to have success and match their achievement. It's that they are proud of what they did and that the "record" has stood for so long. I didn't see any of them donning the colors of the Colts' opponents every week. Now that would be a bit overboard.

Reggie Bush turning pro? Holy crap. I can't believe it! Now I suppose you'll tell me that he's going to be the top pick in the draft, aren't you?

The bowl season starts Tuesday. Not that you should care about it, but the New Orleans Bowl kicks us off. As long as the powers-that-be (read: elitist pigs) in college football don't want a playoff in Division I-A, we'll have to live with the system we have. Luckily, the system we have did give us highly entertaining championship games in Divisions I-AA, II, and III. And the system will give us at least a dozen or so entertaining and compelling bowl games. The first one isn't one of them, though it should be interesting to see if Arkansas State can stay in the game long enough to allow their best player, RB Antonio Warren, to be any kind of major factor in his last game for ASU. The Indians have an okay offense, but Southern Mississippi has way too much bulk and talent on offense and speed on defense for ASU to be a major threat.

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