Wednesday, November 02, 2005

BlogPoll: Week Ten

Wow. Week Ten already. That's simply amazing to think about.

Hey. Rutgers is bowl-eligible. And they're still on my ballot. Stop laughing. Seriously. It's not that funny.

Also of note, 3-4 Louisiana-Monroe is on track for the Sun Belt title. They'll probably finish 5-6 or 6-5, but wouldn't it be great if the Sun Belt had a losing team in a bowl game for the second time in its short history? And, yes, Arkansas State is still one win away from being bowl-eligible.

Lotsa movement this week. Let's get to it.

Dropped out
17 Minnesota--> Embarrassing defensive performance. The Gophers should be kicked out of the Big Ten for wasting a 395-yard effort from Bryan Freaking Cupito.

22 Texas A&M--> All that hype from ABC about Midnight Yell (one of the great traditions in college football) leads to Iowa State whomping the Aggies at Kyle Field. Maybe Franchione shouldn't have stayed up to be at Midnight Yell.

23 Northwestern--> That was fun.

24 Toledo--> Ranked teams shouldn't lose to Directional Michigan teams. No matter how much improvement said Directional Michigan team has undergone.

The new Top 25 ballot
1. Southern Cal (1 last week). Rollin' along.
2. Texas (2). Thank you, officials. Thank you, Oklahoma State.
3. Virginia Tech (3). The first of the big games has passed, and Vick was more than adequate. Now it's Miami's turn to take their best shot.
4. UCLA (4). Survival. Well, at least that's what UCLA is saying. On the bright side, the same thing (early deficit, big comeback win) happened to USC at Stanford last year, and we all know how that turned out for the Trojans.
5. Alabama (6). Scrimmage against Utah State for Homecoming didn't show me much.
6. Miami (7). Only showed up for a half, but it was enough to beat North Carolina.
7. LSU (8). Still has to get by Alabama to make SEC title game. May still have shot at BCS if upheaval occurs.
8. Georgia (5). Shockley's injury was a killer. Now UGA must recover and hold on to division.
9. Florida State (9). Nice comeback win over Maryland.
10. Penn State (11). Had firm control of Purdue for most of the day. Now Bucky visits with potential BCS bid on the line.
11. Notre Dame (10). No disrespect intended. I just placed Penn State one spot higher so Wisconsin will look better if a miracle happens and they win this weekend.
12. Ohio State (12). Abused sorry Gopher defense.
13. Oregon (14). It won't be easy to stay here without Clemens.
14. West Virginia (16). The road to a BCS bowl appears rather easy, which means WVU will make it difficult somehow.
15. Florida (19). Didn't score for final 51 minutes against UGA. I don't care how good the UGA defense is, that's not a good thing.
16. TCU (15). Not impressive against San Diego State, but a win is a win. Frogs are in the driver's seat for the league title.
17. Auburn (18). Coasted past inept Ole Miss team.
18. Fresno State (21). Collision course with Boise State. That will be a fun game.
19. Wisconsin (20). If Tim Brasic can do what he did (something like 150 rushing yards), what the hell is Michael Robinson going to do to this defense? If Wisconsin wins this game on Saturday, they should start engraving "BARRY ALVAREZ, WISCONSIN" on any available National Coach of the Year award.
20. Boston College (13). Not a good effort against Virginia Tech. And what the hell is Quinton Porter doing at QB?
21. Cal (NR). It starts getting really ugly here.
22. Georgia Tech (NR). I'll say it you have any better ideas?
23. Texas Tech (NR). Led Baylor 6-0 in fourth before running it up late. I'm not sold.
24. Michigan (NR). Yikes.
25. Rutgers (25). I still want to see how this looks.

The watch list
Suspended. No one is worth watching seriously at this point, except maybe Boise State.

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