Monday, September 12, 2011

BlogPoll: Week 3 Ballot

Here's my BlogPoll ballot for this week. Commentary to follow.

Listen, I'm as much a fan of that Notre Dame-Michigan game as anyone. I thought it was fun. But that's not a top team in Ann Arbor. Probably not that close at this point.

Ohio State looked awful Saturday, but got a win over a Toledo team that I think will compete for the MAC title. The Buckeyes just don't have the kind of team they've had in previous years, and I think it will haunt them once they play a real opponent. And, hey, look ... they visit Miami Saturday. Of Florida.

Of the teams I watched Saturday, Alabama and Wisconsin were the only ones who looked really good. Alabama didn't blow out Penn State, but I was impressed with their defense, and I thought the offense really wore down the Nittany Lions, though Joe Paterno's team was competitive on defense for at least a half-plus. As for Wisconsin, the defense looked much better than it did against UNLV, and Russell Wilson made it abundantly clear that this team will have a passing game that keeps opponents from spending too much time on Montee Ball and James White.

Nebraska's somewhat hair-raising win over Fresno State says more about Fresno than it does about the Cornhuskers. Pat Hill has a team in the Valley this year, and the Bulldogs are going to make noise in a weakened WAC.

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