Thursday, June 10, 2010

NHL TV Promo Comes to Life

Earlier in the playoffs, I showed you the video of a gripping NHL promo. It showed a number of star players -- including Hall of Famer Brett Hull -- full of emotion after winning the Stanley Cup.

Effectively, the players were speechless, and the premise of the spot was that "There are no words" to describe what it's like to win the Cup.

In short, it was a super ad, wonderfully-produced and a great idea. The league got a lot of positive attention over the spot.

Wednesday night, the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. Captain Jonathan Toews was interviewed on NBC after teammate Patrick Kane scored the Cup-winning goal.

"It's like the commercial ... I'm speechless."

Never mind that it's nice to know Toews had time to watch TV during the playoffs. The league should be immensely proud of the promo. After all, it affected Toews to the point that he was able to immediately recall it after living the dream of every young hockey player.

The NHL has done a great job marketing the Stanley Cup as something truly special. For a guy who never won a Cup during his Hall of Fame career, Jeremy Roenick is the best available example of what the trophy means to those who try so hard to win it.

Scoff at him all you want, but Roenick's emotion showed a couple things. First off, that damn trophy will always have an affect on him because he never won it. Lastly, it showed how happy he was for Chicago and the Blackhawks. He got so close when he was there, and when Roenick left, things really started to go downhill.

Only now have the Blackhawks truly recovered from the abyss they were in. It's an emotional thing for their longtime fans and former greats.

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