Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Two weeks away. Are you ready? Didn't think so. My advice is to start getting ready. It will be here before you know it.

By the way, the name of the "winter holiday" is "Christmas". I have nothing but respect for all religions, and I'm not here to start a holy argument. That's not what we're about here.

But this one drives me nuts. The name of the day is "Christmas". Even if you aren't a practicing Christian, December 25 is Christmas. The calendar says so. Similarly, Hanukkah shows up on my calendar, even though I don't celebrate it. If you choose to celebrate Hanukkah, then I wish you a happy Hanukkah. If you choose to celebrate Christmas, I wish you a merry Christmas.

This isn't difficult. Call the day what it is. It's not meant to offend anyone, and it's not meant to alienate anyone. As much as I hate to say something like this, if my observance of Christmas offends you, I wish I had your life. In my life, I don't have the time or ability to worry about insignificant bullcrap like that.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. No matter what you celebrate, may the next three or so weeks be nothing but joyous for you and your family.

Now to step off my soapbox...

Miles to Michigan??? This won't go away, as Some Guy noted on FanHouse December 1, until Michigan introduces Somebody Not Named Les Miles as their new football coach. And since Michigan hasn't done that yet, it isn't going away.

Turns out Les Miles talked to Michigan last week. Now, Miles says he's just being a good alum and trying to help M's feeble coaching search. But the fact that there is still communication leaves open the chance that I'll get my wish, and Miles will take the job after OMG SIGNING THAT EXTENSION.

So who Not Named Les Miles is there? Schiano's out. Ferentz doesn't appear to be a serious candidate. Has Michigan somehow overvalued a job at one of the great traditions in college sports? Will they be stuck with the overly unattractive Mike DeBord? Why can't they get a great candidate? Are they better off with a top I-AA (er, FCS) coach or highly-regarded I-A (er, FBS) assistant?

Frankly, I think the high-priced, high-profile move is overrated. The Wolverines have a great program, but they could get by very well doing what Ohio State did. It's very much about getting the right guy and making a good fit for the program, instead of just throwing some money at a guy like Les Miles who might not be as good a coach as his LSU teams sometimes make him look.

(Please note that my wish for Miles to take the Michigan job has nothing to do with what's best for Michigan. It's all about the comedy.)

Quick hockey note. NHL goal number two for Matt Niskanen last night in Dallas. The former Bulldog scored from the blue line in the first period, and he added two assists for a career-high three points in the game. Niskanen now has 11 points (2-9) and a plus-five in 31 games for the Stars.

He's playing great for Dallas, and it's high time that he get some time on the power play more consistently. Put him with Sergei Zubov on the point, and you'll really start to see what he can do offensively. Oh, and he got his ride "pimped" last week, too.

Way to go, Marty Turco. Nicely done. Follow the link above to get to more pictures (bigger, too) of the work that was done.

Rik Jordan heard about Niskanen getting a pie in the face on his 21st birthday last week, and he noted that it's a sign of how well Matt's been received in the locker room. I couldn't agree more. They must like him, and they must respect him, because they're treating him as one of their own.

It's something that doesn't always happen with a rookie.

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