Friday, August 11, 2006

BlogPoll Preseason Ballot: First look

Please offer some comments on this. It's a rough draft of the preseason ballot, and it is absolutely subject to change.

Despite Brian's insistence that I not do this, I'm voting Texas #1 because they won it last year. Why? Because I think there are about ten teams that are legit good, and it's really hard to rank one of them over the team who won it all last year when that team is going to be really good again. To me, the only fair way to do it is to vote Texas #1 and let things sort themselves out. But that's just me, and your mileage may greatly vary.

1Texas 25
2West Virginia 24
3Ohio State 23
4Oklahoma 22
5Southern Cal 21
6Cal 20
7Notre Dame 19
8Auburn 18
9Miami (Florida) 17
10Clemson 16
11Michigan 15
12Texas Tech 14
13Georgia Tech 13
14Nebraska 12
15Florida State 11
16Arkansas 10
17Florida 9
18Iowa 8
19Louisiana State 7
20Navy 6
21Louisville 5
22Georgia 4
23Tulsa 3
24Penn State 2
25Oregon 1


Mr. A said...

Great pick with Navy Bruce, I didn't even have them that high!

Anonymous said...

What about Wisco? They may not have things figured out on the offensive side of the ball yet, but they are going to be a defensive juggernaut.... Shouldn't they at least crack the bottom of the top 25?

The rest of the list looks great.