Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Note for the future proprietor of "www.firejohnmadden.com"

One of my daily gigs is to record the Madden Minute, which is fed to us daily by Westwood One and aired on our sports radio station. It takes about five minutes, so it's not like the job is overly difficult or something like that.

However, the job can be quite painful when you have to hear Madden say things like this about Tom Brady:

He's really, uh, underrated.

How is someone who garners the attention Brady garners possibly considered "underrated"? Does anyone even know what the word "underrated" means anymore?

Brady has two rings, has been compared to JOE FREAKING MONTANA, and has been on the cover of every magazine this side of, as Michael Wilbon brilliantly pointed out on "PTI" yesterday, "Ebony".

Seriously - how is he underrated?

The more crap like this I hear, the more I hope that Grizzly Plummer and the Broncos take it to New England on Saturday night.

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