Wednesday, April 20, 2005

2005 NFL Draft coverage - Kickers/Punters

This won't take long.

There is rarely a player at either position worth drafting on the first day. Past picks of players like B.J. Sander have shown this to be the case. This year might be an exception thanks to Ohio State kicker Mike Nugent. He projects as a possible third-round pick, though teams with other needs are foolish to draft a kicker that early. There is too much bust potential in young kickers. I see Nugent and top punter Dustin Colquitt of Tennessee as fifth-round picks. Michigan State kicker Dave Rayner might be worth a late pick, along with Minnesota's Rhys Lloyd. Other punters who could be drafted include Ball State's Reggie Hodge, along with Bryce Benekos of Texas-El Paso.

Overall, though, kickers and punters are better suited as free-agent prospects after the draft. Teams that draft these positions are taking a chance that they might end up with a wasted pick.

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